Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vintage Modern/New Fabric Line

Featured Designer

Blu Girl Art

Suzanne Meyer Pistorius

Eco-friendly chairs

Suzanne believes in reincarnation.
The only thing all of the chairs in her constantly changing collection have in common is...they have a past.
She's given them a new life, a fresh look. They've told one story, and now it's time for them to tell another.
Her original's are as original as the people who fall in love with them. As colourful and vivacious, as captivating and complicated.
Blending vibrant colours and bold patterns, with the classic lines of timeless design - these are pieces that don't so much make a statement about their owners, as a declaration
They are strange, beautiful, worn, resilient, and dynamic as the human spirit
Not all of them will speak to you , but one may just shout.

Hand Painted Custom Designed Fabrics

Suzanne showcases some of her custom designs as apparel, she does not make or sell apparel, the fabrics are draped to give a suggestion of how they can be used to make your one of a kind designer gown.

Custom Jewlery



Upholstery fabrics

Any of Suzanne's designs can be used in various places in the home from upholstery to drapes and cushions. She displays some designs as clothing but they could be used in many different areas.


Custom hand painted fabric for upholstery and home furnishings - Prints for the surface industy - paper goods, packaging or home fabrics.

Areas Served:

Suzanne has partnered with Betsy Sweat of Jia Moderne at the Boston Design Center, her chair, Annisette armchair, is currently on display in her showroom.

Featured In:

Serenity In Design online magazine, Designhole online, Design Milk, Addicted 2decorating. Vintage and Modern, Design Syrup blogs. The chair Alabaster rouge is featured as an editors choice in the May/June issue of New England Home Magazine.

Current Projects:

Suzanne is pleased to announce that after the Print source show - a few of her prints were selected as TRENDS to watch for Fall 10-11 by a major UK trend forecasting firm.

I love Suzanne's style of displaying her fabrics, as well as her creativity creating them, I look forward to more articles about her future new lines.

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