Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beveled and stained Class

Stained glass windows in houses were particularly popular in Victorian era and many domestic examples survive. In their simplest form they typically depict birds and flowers in small panels, often surrounded with machine-made cathedral glass, which, despite what the name suggests, is pale-coloured and textured. Some large homes have splendid examples of secular pictorial glass.
Art glass
Beveled glass
Cathedral glass
Prairie style homes
The houses of Frank Lloyd Wright
Stained glass lamp / Lampshades
Tiffany lamp
Public and commercial use of stained glass
Town halls, schools, colleges and other public buildings often incorporate stained glass or lead lighting.
Public houses — In Britain, traditional pubs make extensive use of stained glass and leaded lights to create a comfortable atmosphere and retain privacy.
You can add a cut or stained glass piece of art to any window in your home or office, which creates a history conversational piece and simple elegance and that touch of class to any room.
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